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Typical fishing season on the Chesapeake Bay!

The Seasons at a Glance


April marks the beginning of our season.  We target big Rockfish (20-60lbs). These fish are migratory,
and should be in our area from mid April until late May. This is the time of the year to catch a once in a lifetime Trophy Rock!


Summer Rockfish and Bluefish are plentiful during the summer. Normally, they arrive in mid-June. Sea Trout,
along with Spot, Croaker, White Perch and Flounder also begin to arrive in our area during this time.


The months of August through November offer the most diversified fishing of the year. Mixed catches of
Rockfish, Blues, Trout, Spot, White perch and Spanish Mackeral are common. During the months of November and December
the large Rockfish return to the Solomons area.